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One Dog And His Boy X 30

  • One Dog And His Boy X 30
    One Dog And His Boy X 30
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    Category: Books
    Description: All Hal wants is a dog. All we want is a dog and a book like this. ( OK: plus a choc chip cookie.) A tail-wagging grand adventure. All his life, Hal has dreamed of a dog. But it would damage the posh carpets in his parents' glamorous home. There's no way they'll ever allow it. That is, until they discover Easy Pets: a local dog-rental agency. Fleck the terrier arrives on Hal's birthday. He's tail-thumpingly perfect. Woof. But Hal's joy turns to horror when he learns his dog has to be returned. So he runs away. Not just with Fleck but with all the pedigree hounds from Easy Pets. It's the funniest, most marvellous dog walk in history. Eva Ibbotson, we miss you so. Supplied as a pack of 30 copies. #rrchildrens #readandrespond-reading-collections #reading3for2 #summer-18 #sum-18 #sum-18-ie #read-and-respond-2018 #pm19-offer
    ISBN: 9789951120203
    Price: £178.00
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