Waterstones Dala'il Al-Khayrat

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Waterstones Dala'il Al-Khayrat
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Author: M

Rating: 5

Review: I gifted my last copy to my mother and father. I immediately bought a replacement. You may want to research the barakah/blessings one can derive from this book. There are various article prescribing this book to gain closeness to the Prophet Peace and bless be upon Him. Highly recommended by various prominent Muslim clerics.


Author: Kadafi

Rating: 4

Review: A much needed translation with a user friendly lay out. Dalail ul Khairat itself is a book which should be in the household of every Muslim. This translation alongside the Arabic makes the book of salutations upon the Prophet ? truly accessible for those not proficient in the Arabic language. For future editions, I would recommend a thorough proofreading as there are errors in the Arabic text which need to be rectified.