Fast Forward Yellow: Independent Pack Level 7 (3 books)


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    Description: This pack contains one copy each of the following titles: Fast Forward Yellow: Different Cultures, Different Foods (Non-fiction) Level 7 Fast Forward Yellow: Surfing (Non-fiction) Level 7 Fast Forward Yellow: Tiger! (Fiction) Level 7 Fast Forward Independent Texts reinforce the skills and knowledge students have gained from instructional/guided reading sessions. Independent Texts have been carefully-levelled for independent reading, allowing children to experience reading success on their own terms. Fast Forward books are for struggling readers, but with an interest level of 9-14 years. To ensure that children are given every opportunity to succeed in their reading, the introduction of new words is one new word for every 16 known words (1:16). Unlike levelled reading programmes for younger children, Fast Forward introduces more complex sentences at the earliest levels. Engage your less confident readers and improve reading attainment with Fast Forward. This series offers a wide range of age-appropriate, high-interest readers for children in Key Stage 2 and 3 who are struggling to make progress with their reading. Each book has been carefully levelled to ensure steady progression with a range of text types introduced which children can use as a model for their own writing. #pm 19-offer.

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