Waterstones Get Your Sh!t Together

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Waterstones Get Your Sh!t Together
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Description: THE B!TCH IS BACK. and she's brought The Grit Doctor along for the ride WHAT'S IN YOUR HANDBAG?* To Do lists scrawled on the back of receipts * An unpaid bill * Half a chocolate bar, covered in fluff Is your handbag a metaphor for the rest of your life? Has becoming a capable, poised grown-up turned out to be more complicated than you imagined? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, and if you're tired of the crappy stuff in life grinding you down, then it's time to stop whining and GET YOUR SH!T TOGETHER. With this funny, frank and tough-talking guide, Ruth Field and The Grit Doctor will help you:* Tackle daunting problems like a fearless superwoman* Figure out what you want from life and find the courage to GO FOR IT* Learn how to get more sh!t done in less time* Stop feeling bad about your less-than-perfect life. (Because perfection's overrated anyway.) SHE TAUGHT YOU HOW TO RUN, NOW SHE'S GOING TO TEACH YOU HOW TO RUN YOUR LIFE. Waterstones Get Your Sh!t Together - shop the best deal online on thebookbug.co.uk


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Author: Bookworm 1

Rating: 5

Review: I bought this book having seen it mentioned in "Closer" magazine as a good motivatinal read. I bought this and Ruth Field's other book "Run fat B!tch Run. I can honestly say reading these has given me the kick up the backside I needed. I was feeling pretty overweight and de-motivated generally, but I sit here today having done 42 lengths at the local pool this morning, a 16km hike /run last week and a medium length run most days as now trying to get my fitness back. Thanks Ruth ! If you need a book to help you get your life in order with no namby pamby nonsense.....this works ! (Well it did for me anyway).


Author: jessica buchan

Rating: 2

Review: I'd never give a book that someone's taken the trouble to write less than 2 stars because often it's that it just didn't suit the reader rather than it actually being rubbish. I think the target audience is the recent graduate recovering from the shock that their newly chosen profession is quite hard work really or the new mum who is discovering the even huger shock of a baby (or twins). The advice? Man up. Put a smile on your face and get on with it. Along with take one small step at a time in the right direction consistently to reach goals, tackle the stuff you're avoiding and get off your bottom and stop watching large amounts of crap TV. Also--strangely, and never really explained "don't write lists" without which my life would crumble because I would simply be unable to hold that much info in my head. If you are my demographic -- either older than 35 and working full time, or have school age children with the whopping amount of organisation that entails, or both, I suspect that you might, like me, find this book a complete waste of time and money. I liked her "voice" and style--easy to read and mildly humorous but it's empty of content. What was really annoying (and I think a fault of the publisher) was that it doesn't say who the book IS targeted at, but then makes a number of references to that audience along the lines of if you are already not watching hours of crap TV, or already very busy then you're probably not reading this book. So why was I reading this book? I thought Dave Allens getting things done was excellent, but very masculine and office based so I was hoping for some time management tips/new ideas--this isn't that at all. The one piece of advice I did take away to remind myself of is that juggling it all just isn't easy so don't expect it to be.