Waterstones Glassborn

Waterstones Glassborn

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Brand: Waterstones


Description: Fairy Tree, tall and grand, open a path to Fairyland. The year is 1826, and the four Belle siblings arrive at their new home in Tambling Village. Acton, the youngest member of the Belle family, immediately befriends a bright, red robin, leading him to discover a hidden key. That night, when the clock strikes thirteen, Acton is called to Fairyland. For in finding the key, Acton has become the Chosen One and must steal the Glimmerglass Crown, for the cruel Fairy Queen. When Cora, Elle and Bram realise their brother has been taken, they set out on a quest to rescue him. But Fairyland is full of dangers.and to overcome the Queen, and her deadly curse, they will need courage, cunning and a great deal of hope. An enthralling tale of magic, riddles, and curses, from the bestselling author of The Cogheart Adventures. Waterstones Glassborn - shop the best deal online on thebookbug.co.uk


Category: Books

Merchant: Waterstones

Product ID: 9781801313681

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ISBN: 9781801313681

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