Waterstones I'm the Best

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Waterstones I'm the Best

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Brand: Waterstones


Description: Can Dog's friends teach him to be less of a show-off? Find out in this brilliantly original picture book from Lucy Cousins, creator of Maisy. Dog loves his friends. He thinks they're brilliant. But he also thinks that he's the best, and he just won't stop telling them! So what happens when his friends decide to teach him a lesson, by showing him all the things they are best at?. Waterstones I'm the Best - shop the best deal online on thebookbug.co.uk


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Merchant: Waterstones

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ISBN: 9781406329650

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Author: Amymoony2011

Rating: 5

Review: Great learning book for children without them knowing they are learning a lesson. Beautiful illustrations and enjoyable to read as a parent


Author: CMD1405

Rating: 3

Review: I bought this book as a replacement for a copy that had fallen apart through over use. My toddler loved it. It has a great moral without being tiresome, the writing is rhythmic and engaging and the illustrations vibrant and attractive. I highly recommend it. Beware, however, when ordering from Amazon. When it arrived I realised that I had the North American edition not the UK edition. I returned it not because of any snobbery but because it detracted from the quality of the book. The illustrations have been shrunk on the page so are less impressive. Worse the language has been changed to American usage. The ladybird becomes a ladybug and crucially the 'I Win' becomes 'I won' in the refrain, spoiling the alliterative quality. Knowing how good it could be it really jarred reading it like this. I think it is pretty shoddy of Amazon to be selling a book on their UK website, to a UK customer when it is a US edition. In conclusion, buy this book, it's great, but perhaps not from here.