KS1 Maths and English SATs 10-Minute Tests


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    Description: Level: KS1 Subject: Maths and English Suitable for 2022 SA Ts Realistic SA Ts practice in bite-sized chunks Ace your KS1 Maths and English SA Ts with just 10-minutes practice at a time. Getting ready for SA Ts? Try this book of short 10-minute practice tests to really prepare yourself for every paper in the Maths and English KS1 SA Ts. * Get practising with short practice tests for reasoning, arithmetic, reading and grammar, punctuation & spelling* Know what to expect with tons of SA Ts-style questions* Track your progress with the handy score chart* Find the answers at the back - no peeking! This book contains:* 8 Maths Arithmetic tests* 8 Maths Reasoning tests* 8 English Reading tests* 8 English Grammar and Punctuation tests* 8 English Spelling tests.

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