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    Description: How would YOU spend a million? Takeaway pizza - or world peace? The laugh-out-loud story of two boys, a huge sack of money and a bazillion bonkers choices! Britain is about to convert to the Euro, and in a few days the pound will be useless. So when Damian and Anthony get caught up in a train robbery and end up with a massive bag of stolen swag, they have a glorious dilemma on their hands. How should they spend the cash before it becomes worthless? Meanwhile, the bungling robbers are closing in. The clock is ticking. Pizzas or world peace: what's it going to be? A Carnegie Medal winner by Frank Cottrell Boyce Frank's wonderful books include Framed and Cosmic This warm, witty comedy was turned into a major film Special edition with bonus material from the author Six copies of this classic children's book to accompany Read & Respond: Millions. This book contains mature language. #rrchildrens #readandrespond-reading-collections #reading 3for 2 #summer-18 #sum-18 #sum-18-ie #read-and-respond-2018 #pm 19-offer.

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