OCR Gateway GCSE Chemistry 9-1 Student Book


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    Description: Exam Board: OCR Level & Subject: GCSE Chemistry First teaching: September 2016 First exams: June 2018 OCR endorsed GCSE Science is changing and OCR Gateway GCSE (9-1) Chemistry from Collins has been developed to embed the skills your students need to succeed in all three assessment objectives, while providing a clear and supportive route through the new, more challenging GCSE content. Each spread starts with language and ideas at a lower level and increases in complexity, engaging students of all ability levels Key concept spreads highlight knowledge that students must grasp before they can move on Dedicated pages on analysing, interpreting and evaluating practicals, so students are fully prepared for the indirect assessment. Maths activities at the appropriate level are embedded throughout, along with Maths skills pages that focus on developing the skills needed for each topic Prepare students for the demands of the new specification with differentiated questions, worked examples and lots of opportunities to practice Co-teach both Foundation and Higher tier with a single book (the Higher-only content is clearly flagged).

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