Pathways to Nonviolent Communication by Jim Manske


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    Description: Pathways to Nonviolent Communication : Paperback : Puddle Dancer Press : 9781934336403 : 1934336408 : 01 Sep 2021 : In 2010, four certified trainers of Nonviolent Communication produced a new tool to help people successfully learn, strengthen, and integrate the skills and consciousness of NVC. They called this tool the Pathways to Liberation Self-Assessment Matrix. Since then, thousands of NVC practitioners have been using the Matrix to identify skills, clarify strengths, discover edges, and navigate their own personal journeys toward emotional liberation and a more just, peaceful, and loving world. Now you too can use the Matrix to set a course toward self-knowledge, skill, and success. This guidebook shows you how. Written by Jim Manske, CNVC trainer and one of the four originators of the Matrix, Pathways to Nonviolent Communication: A Tool for Navigating Your Journey offers clear and specific suggestions for using the Matrix to assess your progress and assist others in deepening the skills and consciousness of NVC. Whether you are a longtime practitioner of NVC or have only recently begun your journey, the tool and techniques presented in this book will make every path more dynamic, accessible, and fun--.

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