Waterstones Q&A a Day for Me

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Waterstones Q&A a Day for Me
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Description: The newest installment in the wildly successful franchise (Q&A a Day, Q&A a Day for Kids, Our Q&A a Day, Q&A a Day for College), Q&A a Day for Me is the perfect format to commemorate one of the most exciting, emotional, and fast-paced times in a person's adolescence. So much can happen in junior high and high school--new best friends, awkward growth spurts, first crushes, embarrassing moments--what better way for a teen to reflect on how he or she has changed than with this colorful, compact journal? Like other journals in the series, Q&A a Day for Me is filled with 365 questions, one on each page for every day of the year, with space to write down a short response every year for three years. Designed with a vibrant, contemporary cover and notebook-inspired interior, this journal is bright enough to appeal to a younger sensibility without feeling childish.


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Author: Missy

Rating: 5

Review: We love these books, I bought this for my 12 year old son and he answers it each day, I love the way the questions are written they are short but some are quite deep in meaning. They prompt some quite revealing answers, which my son happily shares with me, but which I might not have asked myself, a few of the questions are a little American but he's answered them all readily so far!! I also have an adults one and my 5 year old has the kids version. We keep them handy in the lounge and write them in the evenings. Enough room to write a decent sized sentence for. It will be great to see differing answers each year and for him to look back on when he's much older.


Author: Amazon Customer

Rating: 1

Review: I bought this book for my 13 year old niece as the description said 12-15 years. Luckily she has her head screwed on and went to her Dad to check the questions she didn’t understand; ‘My sexual activity is’ and ‘is sex casual or serious to you?’, ‘what drugs have you thought of taking?’ Etc etc. I have included photos for your reference. This book is NOT for children or teens, it’s for adults! Do not buy this for a young girl or boy. It’s not suitable and I will be making a complaint to Amazon for not checking its product before accepting advertising descriptions!