Reading Ladder Level 3 Pack B x 12 (Book Bands White and Lime)


    Brand: Scholastic

    Price: £55.09


    Description: Funny colour stories by star authors you'll love. Want to be on top? Climb the Reading Ladder! OK: does this sound like you? You're making big strides reading alone. (Though you still like books with great pictures). Now you need stories that will challenge you, while keeping some things nice and familiar. Welcome to Level 3 of Reading Ladder - full of exciting books to keep you climbing higher! Amazing colour stories by top-name writers. Designed to build your fluency, grab your interest and get you chuckling. Bursting with action, humour and energy. What are you waiting for? Climb up to the top! Stimulating colour chapter books for newly fluent readers Much-loved series featuring top authors and illustrators Bright, appealing books with strong plots and characters Rich vocabulary and complex storylines to engage children.

    Merchant: Scholastic

    Product ID: 119680

    Category: Books

    ISBN: 9789999638104

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