The Book Depository Riders by Jilly Cooper

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The Book Depository Riders by Jilly Cooper
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Description: Riders : Paperback : Transworld Publishers Ltd : 9780552172424 : 0552172421 : 04 Jun 2015 : Brooding hero Jake Lovell, under whose magic hands even the most difficult horse or woman is charmed, is driven by his loathing of the dashing darling of the show ring, Rupert Campbell-Black. Having pinched each other's horses and drunk their way around the capitals of Europe, the feud between the two men finally erupts. The Book Depository Riders by Jilly Cooper - shop the best deal online on


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Author: dynamite155

Rating: 5

Review: I’m am listening to Riders on audible at the moment, it’s brilliant, I read all the Jilly Cooper books in the 80s and 90s and it’s great to come back to them. As a former showjumping groom who spent many years on the circuit, it safe to say this is a well researched and insightful look into the world of showjumping (with the added drama of course) The show dates in correct calendar order and the hard work and long days make the book so realistic. Jilly Coopers explains the rudiments of Showjumping so well, that everyone from all walks of life can enjoy this book.


Author: Carmela

Rating: 3

Review: I first read this when it came out in the 80's. At the time a lot of things annoyed me and they still do, although I am quite enjoying it. But I feel compelled to write a review, possibly for the first time! Of course the content is non pc but that does not really bother me, except for her Middle/Upper class stances on a few issues. She is obviously a fan of fox hunting and Rural Pursuits as it is euphemistically called and her portrayal of the Hunt Saboteurs is puerile and insulting. What most annoys me though is her assumption that Show Jumping in the 70's was a National Obsession and the likes of Rupert had Rock Star status, teenage girls flocking for autographs, Press attention wherever they went. Captain Mark Phillips was the object of every teenage girl's dreams being so handsome in his uniform! Well certaimly not this one's! Village constables were Show Jumping fans and played poker with Rupert in the cells. No! This was the era of Led Zep, Bowie, the Stones et al - Proper Rock Stars! The Vietnam War and Watergate were making headlines not Show Jumping. This is an elitist upper class sport and we did not grow up celebrating it. I also object to the characters referring to the dishwasher as "the washing up machine". Apart from this I do like her evocation of the countryside and the story is quite entertaining.


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