Scholastic English Skills: Grammar and Punctuation Workbook (Year 4) x 30


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    Description: Are you a wise owl? Then you'll know grammar matters. Firstly, it helps you write well. But it's also essential for school. Grammar and punctuation are back on the school curriculum in a big way. But don't get in a flap. Our simple workbooks tidy up your skills in a fuss-free way. No sweat. No mistakes. All the basics made easy in fun activities matched to the school curriculum. Get all those pesky rules straight. Practice activities to use at home or in school Matched to National Curriculum requirements Quickly builds confidence and understanding Includes extra notes and tips to reinforce skills All answers available online Supplied as a pack of 30 copies. #summer-18 #sum-18 #sum-18-ie #pm 19-offer.

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    ISBN: 9789951116572

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