Short Reads: Fiction Box 1 (Lexile Level BR-200L)


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    Description: Develop comprehension skills with challenging close reading of short fiction texts. Ideal for group reading and discussion, this box contains 40 themed texts to share with your pupils. Motivate your class with snappy quick reading on high-interest fiction topics Challenge children to read deeply, and to discuss and analyse what they have read Have fun with inspiring creative activities for reading, peer discussion and writing Encourage close reading - the ability to study a short text in a careful, sustained way Prepare pupils for National Reading Tests or classroom tests using engaging short texts Wide range of text types in a flexible format for group, paired or independent reading This handy box includes 40 reading topics on sturdy and colourful printed cards, with six duplicate cards for each topic - ideal for group reading sessions. (240 cards in total.) There's also a teacher guide which provides discussion ideas, activities and writing tasks for the same 40 topics. #primary-092016 #summer-18 #sum-18 #sum-18-ie #readandrespond #pm 19-offer.

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