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Waterstones Sisterland

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Description: BY THE SUNDAY TIMES AND NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF RODHAM and AMERICAN WIFE'A work of psychological genius' OBSERVER ___-Identical twins, Kate and Violet are about as unlike as two peas from the same pod can be. Except in one respect - they share a hidden gift. But after Kate inadvertently reveals their secret when they are thirteen years old, their lives are set on diverging paths. Twenty years later Kate, a devoted wife and mother, has settled down in the suburbs to raise her two young children. Violet is single, and lives a much more flamboyant and eccentric life. Then one day Violet ignites a media storm by predicting a major earthquake in the St Louis area where they live. As the day Violet has announced for the earthquake draws nearer, Kate must attempt to repair her fraught relationship with her sister, and to face truths about herself she has long tried to deny. Waterstones Sisterland - shop the best deal online on thebookbug.co.uk


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Author: Georgiana89

Rating: 5

Review: Curtis Sittenfeld's first novel, Prep, is one of my all-time favourite books, and I've also hugely enjoyed her other works. Therefore, I was going into this one with high expectations, especially as I'd had it had a telepathy themes, and I always love it when authors blend a literary with paranormal or fantasy elements. I absolutely wasn't disappointed. This is a beautifully written novel with characters that take on a life of their own. The paranormal aspects (basically, the lead characters are psychic twins) is quite subtle, and acts more as a catalyst for the story than the main focus of the ploy. Ultimately, the book is about family relationships - between sisters, of course, but also between children and parents (in both directions), and between husbands and wives. I particularly loved the way the central marital relationship was portrayed. Fiction generally only shows love affairs during their passionate beginnings or bitter endings, but here was a touching (though never overly sentimental) steady-state relationship, complete with a few (non-explicit) scenes of hot marital sex. For most of the book, very little happens. The story divides about fifty/fifty between the narrator reminiscing about her life up until this point, and scenes of her and the people around her getting on with their fairly normal lives. Usually, that would be enough to make me drop a book after a few chapters. I feel no shame in admitting that for me, plot usually comes first. However, there's something about Sittenfeld's writing that just gels with me. Scenes of her characters taking a baby to a park are oddly compelling, and sometimes even a little profound. The flashbacks are done particularly well. Just like in Prep, adult hindsight is used to add both distance and poignancy to teenage memories. It's subtle, but the "present day" scenes are actually also being told in flashback from a few years into the future, and this adds an interesting extra dimension. This book probably isn't for everyone. If you can't cope without tons of action, look away now. Similarly, if you like gritty tales, Sittenfeld probably isn't for you, full stop. I'm perfectly happy with stories of middle class life, but if you have a low tolerance for "first world problems" then consider yourself fairly warned. If you liked the author's other novel, however, then I can confidently report that there hasn't been a drop in standards. And if you're just looking for an enjoyable literary novel, then I'd hugely recommend it. One final thought - this hugely reminded me of my favourite story in Girl Reading, which tells the tale of two Victorian psychic twins, one of whom embraces their power while the other denies it. I'd love to know if Sittenfeld has read it!


Author: Lesley

Rating: 3

Review: This book was recommended to us for a book group read. If I had not had to finish it, I doubt that I would have soldiered on to the end. The main characters - twins Violet and Daisy are psychic. Daisy, who I think might have been written as the 'heroine' is boring and needy to an amazing degree. How her husband puts up with her was beyond me. She changes her name to Kate and, apparently, is able to supress her psychic abilities. This is just one area of the book which simply does not ring true. Psychic abilities are elsewhere explained as a gift that you either have or don't - no choice available! We are treated to an amazing catalogue of the minutiae of Kate's life, as well as some of the other characters, for instance there are long descriptions of the routes they take in their cars to various places around the area (which, of course mean nothing to the vast majority of readers). None of this details is interesting, nor does it add to the story in any way that I could see. Without giving the story away, it is possible to say that Vi predicts a huge earthquake and gets lots of media attention, which is anathema to Kate. The build up is long, slow (littered as it is with all the unnecessary details I mentioned) and the climax/ending is dealt with in a very short section of the book and left me with more questions than answers. I am not sure that I would ever seek out another book by this author

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Description: Sisterland The striking Sunday Times bestseller. Paperback. By Curtis Sittenfeld.

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The Book Depository Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld

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Description: Sisterland : Paperback : Transworld Publishers Ltd : 9780552776592 : : 08 Jan 2014 : BY THE SUNDAY TIMES AND NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF RODHAM and AMERICAN WIFE 'A work of psychological genius' OBSERVER ___- Identical twins, Kate and Violet are about as unlike as two peas from the same pod can be. The Book Depository Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld - shop the best deal online on thebookbug.co.uk

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