The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents x 30


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    Description: A hilarious Carnegie Medal winner from master storyteller Terry Pratchett. Every town on Discworld knows the stories about rats and pipers, and Maurice - a streetwise tomcat - leads a band of educated ratty friends (and a stupid kid) on a nice little earner. Piper plus rats equals lots and lots of money. Until they run across someone playing a different tune. Now he and his rats must learn a new concept: evil... ' Excruciatingly funny, ferociously intelligent." Kirkus Supplied as a pack of 30 copies. #rrchildrens #readandrespond-reading-collections #reading 3for 2 #summer-18 #sum-18 #sum-18-ie #read-and-respond-2018 #pm 19-offer.

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    ISBN: 9789995161200

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