Waterstones The Taken-Down God

Waterstones The Taken-Down God

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Description: Acclaimed as one of America's most passionate and intelligent innovators, Jorie Graham writes poems of luminous formal beauty. Here she selects from the full range of her five most recent books, presenting European readers with a coherent and compelling body of work. The book complements her Pulitzer Prize-winning The Dream of the Unified Field (1996), which selected work from her first five books. Here we follow her through the later environmental and political poems of Overlord, Sea Change and other collections. Her most recent book, P L A C E, was awarded the Forward Prize in 2012. Jorie Graham's poems address a planet spinning towards an unknowable future. They challenge us to inhabit a more responsive and responsible place in language and the world. Her poetry is as urgent as it is essential. Waterstones The Taken-Down God - shop the best deal online on thebookbug.co.uk


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