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Waterstones There Is No Dog
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Description: There Is No Dog is the new, astonishing novel by Meg Rosoff. In the beginning there was Bob. And Bob created the heavens and the earthand the beasts of the field and the creatures of the sea, and twenty-five million other speciesincluding lots and lots of gorgeous girls. And all of this, he created in just six days. Six days! Congratulations, Bob! No wonder Earth is such a mess. Imagine that God is a typical teenage boy. He is lazy, careless, self-obsessed, sex-mad - and about to meet Lucy, the most beautiful girl on earth. Unfortunately, whenever Bob falls in love, disaster follows. Let us pray that Bob does not fall in love with Lucy. Praise for There Is No Dog:' My top choice for summer, it's an astounding crossover novel' - The Times' One must simply revel in the joyful singularity of Rosoff's latest masterpiece' - The G Uardian' Genius!' - Anthony Horowitz Meg Rosoff became a publishing sensation with her first novel, How I Live Now, which won the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize and the Branford Boase Award. Her second novel, Just in Case, won the Carnegie Medal in 2007 and What I Was, her third novel, was shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal and was highly acclaimed. Meg lives in London with her husband and daughter. Also by Meg Rosoff: How I Live Now; Just In Case; What I Was; The Bride's Farewell; There is No Dog.


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Author: Karen Need

Rating: 5

Review: Meg Rosoff just has to be the only current writer who can produce novels that will entertain, challenge & wow teenagers. I taught 'How I Live Now' to a group of resistant readers 3 years ago and have done every year since - each group has loved it, but 'There Is No Dog' is even better. The kids I've taught it to this year have loved the quirky way that the characters think like they do - Meg Rosoff manages to step into a teenage mindset with a random originality that is never patronising and always thought-provoking. Gentle irony and subtle humour let us share the unthinkable and reach beyond the confines of convention. It is an adult book without any self-indulgence or ego, which makes teenagers happy to access it - the freshness of the narrative voice, the courage of tricky subject matter and an unlikely optimism given the gravitas of the underlying messages Meg exposes make this totally unmissable. It should be on everyone's shelves - old and young (but not too young) because this is a classic of the future. Top dog!


Author: gina's mom

Rating: 2

Review: The premise was very good but the book resulted as plain. Too bad, I was really expecting more that just a predictable fanfiction for teenagers.