Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score


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    Description: Things We Never Got Over : Paperback : That's What She Said Publishing, Inc. : 9781945631832 : 194563183X : 13 Jan 2022 : Bearded, bad-boy barber Knox prefers to live his life the way he takes his coffee: alone--unless you count his basset hound Waylon. Knox doesn't tolerate drama, even when it comes in the form of a stranded runaway bride. Naomi wasn't just running away from her wedding. She was riding to the rescue of her estranged twin to Knockemout, Virginia, a rough-around-the-edges town where disputes are settled the old-fashioned way: with fists and beer. Usually in that order. Too bad for Naomi her evil twin hasn't changed at all. After helping herself to Naomi's car and cash, Tina leaves her with something unexpected: the niece Naomi didn't know she had--Back cover.

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