Waterstones This is Not the Way

Waterstones This is Not the Way

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Description: Staring at a screen? Thinking hard? Lacking insights? Struggling to generate ideas? It's a familiar story in a world where work demands us to deliver more, with less. And you're probably working on a business challenge right now. Successful problem solving, strategic thinking, insight discovery and idea generation needs structure. But so many people in business (who should know better) approach the design and delivery of creative projects both big and small in a linear, dull and predictable fashion. This is NOT the way. Strategy needs to be facilitated. It's not enough to run a hot bath and hope for eureka breakthroughs. Innovation teams demand inspiration. Something Power Points will never deliver. And creativity needs to be role-modelled. Following process alone will only get you so far. You're holding the anti-manual (a rule-breaking guidebook) for the mavericks, pioneers, mavens and creative sherpas striving to challenge the status quo. If new thinking is something you find motivating and exciting, then this book is for you. THIS IS NOT THE WAY is a valuable dip-in-and-out source of stimulus, stories, tricks, tools and tips to create wonder and magic in the broken world of work. Waterstones This is Not the Way - shop the best deal online on thebookbug.co.uk


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