Waterstones Tie Dip Dye

Waterstones Tie Dip Dye

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Brand: Waterstones


Description: Create your own unique hand-dyed fashion and homewares with simple tie dye techniques you can master at home. Tie dye is back - and in a big way! Gracing catwalks and chic interiors the world over, hand-dyed textiles have never been cooler. This super-practical guide will show you everything you need to know to recreate these fantastic fabric effects in your own kitchen. Featuring an illustrated directory of dyeing techniques, the book reveals more than 25 creative effects that can be achieved with ease. From tie dye to dip dyeing to pole wrapping, space dyeing to bleaching, trendy ombre shading to classic circles, this book contains all the essential skills you need to create contemporary patterned textiles. First you'll learn the basic steps needed to achieve beginner-level tie dyeing including choosing fabrics, selecting tools, creating a dye bath, different dyes and recipes, colours and design placement, and basic folding and clamping techniques. You'll then go on to master a wide range of tie dying techniques through step-by-step guides. Each technique is accompanied by a great project to show you how to use the technique to fantastic effect on clothing and home décor items. Create a basic dip-dyed dress, a pleated pole-wrapped t-shirt, a stitch resist pillowcase, a marble heat-set scarf, a striped tote bag, scrunch-dyed curtains, a rope-dyed table runner, bleached trousers, a space-dyed throw rug, a rust-transfer wall hanging and more! Each technique is shown with variations demonstrating the how you can adapt or manipulate the effect and clear photography ensures you will understand ever step of the process to achieve stunning results. Waterstones Tie Dip Dye - shop the best deal online on thebookbug.co.uk


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