Wolf's Message by Suzanne Giesemann


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    Description: Wolf's Message : Paperback : Waterside Productions, Incorporated : 9781939116994 : 1939116996 : 10 Aug 2014 : When Mike and Beth Pasakarnis lost their son Wolf, their world seemed to crumble around them. Until meeting Mike and Beth, Suzanne Giesemann--a former by-the-book Navy commander--had cautiously refrained from using the word proof when speaking of the eternal existence of the soul, but no longer. The evidence Mike and Beth shared from their son provided all the proof she needed. Little did Mike, Beth, or Suzanne know that their lives would soon become even more entangled by unexpected visits from Wolf's spirit. As Wolf repeatedly made his presence known, Suzanne was able to piece together Wolf's puzzle and reveal a startling message that has profound spiritual implications.

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