Picture books

Picture Books for Children

Some of the best gifts you can give your children are illustrated picture books.  Maybe you have young, pre-school age children who are just learning to appreciate books.  Some favorite memories your kids will have growing up are times they spent sitting with you and reading, and laughing over some of their favorite books.  There are many great children’s books to choose from, with fun illustrations, memorable characters, and even subtle learning moments.

Do you remember some picture books you used to love as a kid?   You can probably remember some of your favourite characters, moments that made you laugh out loud, or mesmerising illustrations.  Children’s literature helps to shape who your kids will become with stories and lessons that entertain them and become impressed on their minds. 

Add some classics to your children’s book library, because you will use them again and again.  You can even find some new picture books that will become a beloved classic in your home.  It is important to invest in children’s books in your home instead of always borrowing from a library or a friend.  Your children will understand that books are valued in your home and that you want literature to be a part of their lives.  The books should also be readily available for bedtime stories or spontaneous reading times during the day.

There are several elements that make illustrated children’s books enjoyable and memorable.    You may prefer books with characters that are similar in age to your kids.  Maybe your children love books about animals or make believe creatures.  You can buy great children’s books in packages or collections that include series about some of your favorite characters and adventures.

Illustrated books help make the reading experience fun for your children.  Having interesting books for home reading will also help prepare young, pre-school age kids for entering larger schools.